You Might Be a Yanqui

While many Latin Americans refer to those of us from the United States as gringos, here in Argentina we're known as yanquis [pronounced shahn-kees]. Here are 15 telltale signs that may tip you off as a yanqui.

You Might Be a Yanqui if:

Uncle Sam [image used is in the public domain]1) You smile at complete strangers as you walk down the street. [Oops, I learned the hard way on that one.]
2) You anticipate that public bathrooms will be stocked with toilet paper.
3) You look straight ahead (or even up) as you walk instead of with your eyes glued to the sidewalk to avoid dog poop or broken concrete.
4) You think all Argentines eat, sleep and breathe the tango.
5) You wear your seat belt at all times and generally observe the rules of the road. [Argentine drivers scare me!]
6) You arrive on time or [gasp!] early for an appointment, event or meeting.
7) You show up to eat dinner at a restaurant before 9pm or 10pm.
8) Your spice cabinet contains items hotter than black pepper.
9) You snicker at brand names such as Barfy, McPussy and Bimbo. [Yes, they really do exist.]
10) You expect napkins and other paper products to have some measure of absorbency and utilitarian value.
11) You think you can return items to a store for a refund.
12) You expect to be able to complete simple government paperwork or procedures in just one day. [Silly me!]
13) You extend your hand in greeting instead of proffering your cheek for a kiss.
14) For females: you use tampons. [Yep, I wrote about that.]
15) You expect to both pay for and receive your item in one single, efficient transaction when making a purchase.

Go on, add to the list. You might be a yanqui if…

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