Happy 2nd Birthday to Seashells and Sunflowers

The second by BékiPe on Flickr [used under Creative Common license]

Admittedly, the mood here is less than festive in the wake of Argentina's 4-0 loss to Germany in the World Cup quarterfinals. But life goes on, so rather than cry into our Quilmes, we're celebrating the fact that today Seashells and Sunflowers turns two!

If you've been reading Seashells and Sunflowers in your feed reader or by email subscription and you haven't visited the blog in a while, I invite you to pop on over and explore the archives a bit. Or zip on down to the bottom of the page and add yourself as a follower – it just takes a moment. If you've never posted a comment, now is your chance to come out of the shadows. Come on, don't be shy.

Thank you to all of you who take a moment out of your day to read, comment and/or email. Knowing that you enjoy my stories, recipes and photos makes writing the blog worthwhile.

Much love to you all from Argentina!

[Photo credit: BékiPe]

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