Recipe File: Niños Envueltos | Stuffed Beef Rolls

Niños Envueltos | Stuffed Beef Rolls by katiealley on Flickr

I do a lot of talking about how beef is the star of the show here in Argentina, yet when I peruse the Recipe File, there's just one dish for you carnivorous types. So, what gives? Well, asado is king in Argentina, and frankly, I don't dare dispense barbecue advice. I prefer to leave that task to the experts, like my friend over at Asado Argentina. Now that guy knows his way around a parrilla.

Though I have qualms about dishing out BBQ guidance, I was eager to get in on the meat fest that is Argentine cuisine; thus, I decided to tell you all about one of my favorite non-grill-oriented beef dishes: niños envueltos. Read all about Daniel's great-aunt Rosa's niños envueltos – flavorful, stuffed beef rolls – in my guest post over at Asado Argentina.

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