Back from the Wilds of Northern Patagonia

I just returned from a week-long adventure in Bariloche, Argentina and the surrounding area, accompanied by my stepdad Vince and my sister Marianna. After a brief stop in Necochea, I dragged them kicking and screaming to northern Patagonia as they cursed my name repeatedly. For days on end, I subjected them to dull, uninspiring landscapes such as these:

Río Limay, Provincia de Neuquén by katiealley on Flickr [Río Limay, Neuquén Province, just outside Bariloche]

Rainbow Seen from Cerro Campanario, Bariloche, Argentina by katiealley on Flickr [Rainbow seen from the summit of Cerro Campanario]

I ran them ragged on tours of the most uninteresting places I could dream up including pristine mountain lakes and glaciers.

Marianna and Vince Atop Cerro Otto by katiealley on Flickr [They're crying on the inside. Don't let the smiles fool you.]

And since one unfamiliar culture just wasn't enough, I then sent them packing across the Andes to Chile.

Cerro Tronador from Chile by katiealley on Flickr [Cerro Tronador from the Chilean side of the Andes]

Osorno Volcano at Sunset by katiealley on Flickr[Volcán Osorno at sunset, near Puerto Varas, Chile]

All joking aside, I had a fantastic time with Vince and Marianna. It did wonders for my spirit to see my family again, and being able to share in the unrivaled natural beauty of northern Patagonia with my loved ones made for an unforgettable trip. Even my sister – a fickle sixteen-year-old – seemed to enjoy herself.

I took over 800 shots while we were traveling, only to be outdone by my partner in crime Vince who wrote to inform me that his memory card was bursting with 1500+ photos. Needless to say, I have numerous images to share with you all, but it will take me a while to process the shots and get them up on Flickr. Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing a series of posts about Bariloche and northern Patagonia, featuring some of my best photos from my travels.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse these photos from my previous trip to Patagonia with Daniel back in February 2008.

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