Argentines on Vacation

Argentines love the beach. Each year, come January 1st, vacation madness sets in as a multitude of Argentines descend upon the Atlantic coast beach towns for a week or two of sun and sand. The frenzy continues straight through until the beginning of March, when the chicos finally go back to school.

As evidenced by the following vintage photos, though beach fashions may have evolved over the years, the Argentines' enthusiasm for the playa hasn't changed one bit.

Mujer en Necochea [1937] | Woman on the Beach in Necochea [1937] by doctortoncich on Flickr[A young woman named María Teresa on the beach in Necochea – 1937]

En playa desconocida [1922] | On an Unknown Beach [1922] by doctortoncich on Flickr[A well-dressed youngster at the beach (exact location unknown) – 1922]

Vacaciones en Mar del Plata - Verano de 1934 | Vacation in Mar del Plata - Summer of 1934 by doctortoncich on Flickr[The seaside resort of Mar del Plata, pictured here, was once the vacation spot of choice for the well-heeled Buenos Aires elite to see and be seen. (These days I'd say that title has been transferred to Punta del Este, Uruguay.)]

Click here and here for two other photos of dapper ladies and gentlemen going for a stroll while on holiday.

En traje de baño | In Their Bathing Suits by doctortoncich on Flickr[Four teenage boys posing for the camera in their 1930s-era bathing suits. The boy on the right is using a tire's inner tube as a life ring.]

Vacaciones Argentinas 1 | Argentines on Vacation 1 by doctortoncich on Flickr[Hand-colored beach photo from 1950] 

A hearty thanks to doctortoncich, a Flickr member from Buenos Aires, who kindly gave me permission to display these photographs from his personal collection on my blog.

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