The Argentine Food Pyramid

The Argentines value simplicity when it comes to food. Salt reigns supreme as the condiment of choice on grilled meat; potatoes rule in the land of the side dish, whether they be mashed, fried, or roasted; and, nothing says dessert to an argentino like a rich scoop of ice cream.

Unfortunately, the Argentines have taken the concept of simplicity a bit too far. The astonishing quantities of these foods that are consumed—almost to the exclusion of all else—have led me to believe that there is some sort of New Food Order at work here. Friends, I give you the Argentine Food Pyramid:

The Argentine Food Pyramid by katiealley

If you don't believe me, just check out this post entitled "Argentina on Two Steaks a Day" at the blog Idle Words. The post is a few years old now, but in my mind it's a classic, quite funny, and I do believe it firmly supports my version of the Argentine Food Pyramid.

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