Mr. Sandman

A few days ago, I received an avalanche of Facebook status updates and photos in my inbox from relatives and friends up north, taunting me with messages like

"snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow"

"Up to 24" forecasted, pics taken with 10" on the ground. Merry Christmas!"

"WTF is thundersnow????"

and my personal favorite,

"Well it almost stopped snowing at 11:00PM. So far 15 inches. Your kids are supposed to shovel the snow for you. So one moves to E-town and the other to Argentina. Where is the justice?"

Ok, so maybe I have just a teensy-weensy bit of snowflake envy, though admittedly I'm not exactly envious of the copious amounts of snow that my dad anonymous Facebook contact had to shovel.

While we may be seriously lacking the white stuff, what we do have here in Necochea is massive amounts of the tan stuff: sand. Though there are no snowmen sporting jaunty little scarves and hats in my future, why not a sandman?

So, late one afternoon Daniel and I headed to the beach with our shovel, the scarf, the branches, and the all-important carrot. After arriving at our designated sandman construction site, we were assaulted by blowing sand and a chilling wind. While the seagulls seemed to be enjoying things, we decided to postpone our adventure. We headed back to the house and promptly ate the sandman's nose with dinner.

A couple days later, the conditions seemed favorable, so we packed up our accoutrements once again (including a new carrot), and headed back to the very same spot—the beach near the Puerto Quequén. Warmed by the sun's rays and the physical effort of digging, mounding and sculpting, we built our muñeco de arena in just under an hour. All in all, I think he turned out quite well. The greatest challenge was keeping his hat on for the pictures with the ever-present sea breeze.

Feelin' Artsy by katiemetz, on Flickr [I see shades of Homer Simpson in this one.]

The Sandman at Puerto Quequén by katiemetz, on Flickr [The sandman with the jetties/entrance to the port in the background]

Be Sure to Get My Best Side by katiemetz, on Flickr [That is one substantial schnoz. But, hey, it didn't hold Rudolph back, so who am I to judge?]

They Might Be Giants by katiemetz, on Flickr [Don't you just love those long late-afternoon shadows?]

Click here to view photos of the sandman that we built two years ago on the beach in Necochea.

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