Free Holiday Goodies

With nary a snowflake in sight here in Argentina, I admit that it can be a challenge to get into the holiday spirit; however, I must say that nothing does it for me quite like some Christmas music.  Admittedly, I feel slightly ridiculous listening to "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" and "Frosty the Snowman" when we've currently got highs in the mid-70s and I've been wandering about in short sleeves and flip flops.  But honestly, when has merely feeling ridiculous ever truly stopped me from doing something? ;)

I love the old standards ("Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," anyone?), but it's always good to refresh the line-up each year by adding some new holiday tunes, especially when they're free.  Yes, that's right – free.

Just head over to the Amazon MP3 Holiday Store, and click on the link for "25 Days of Free."  Every day, now through Christmas, Amazon is giving away a different holiday song.  So, download away – it won't cost you a single penny (or centavo for that matter).

While we're on the subject of free, I'd also like to mention a special promotion being offered by Google.  Send a free holiday postcard to friends or family in the U.S., courtesy of our friends in Mountain View, CA.  Google swears it'll be a real postcard made out of dead trees and not the electronic variety.  There are six designs to choose from.  Not bad, Google.  Not bad.

Ok, so go – get free stuff!

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