Visitors from Gringolandia

My dad and his wife Deb made it down here to Necochea for a brief but action-packed visit at the end of October. They had originally planned to travel in July, but the swine flu epidemic and resulting hysteria here in Argentina threw a monkey wrench in their plans, and in the end they decided that springtime might be a more apropos time for a visit. Unfortunately, rescheduling the trip meant they would only have six and a half days with us!

Given the short duration of Dad and Deb's visit, we spent most of our time in Necochea so we could show them around the city and the countryside, as well as enjoy time together with Daniel's family. Our itinerary closely resembled that of last October's visit, when my dad, stepdad and I came down prior to the big move. We took Dad and Deb on the tourist circuit—the river, the port, the beach, the park. One day when the weather wasn't quite conducive to sightseeing, we took them shopping in the city center; let's just say they did their part to contribute to the local economy.

Late Wednesday evening after a filling picada, we said our goodbyes to Daniel's family and boarded the overnight bus to Buenos Aires. We managed to squeeze in a half day in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay and a walking tour in Buenos Aires before we returned to the airport on Friday evening to see them off. 

Despite the whirlwind nature of the trip that left us all dragging a bit by the end, we still managed to have an unforgettable visit with Dad and Deb. Besides, you know any trip that involved a photo like this one had to be a good time:

Cows in the Desert by katiemetz, on Flickr[We encountered a cattle caravan near the beach as we drove along the coastal road to Punta Negra.]

Click here to view some of the other zany and wonderful snapshots from my dad and Deb's visit.

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