Bizarre Foods – Argentina Style

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern [photo courtesy of Travel Channel] Calling all foodies! Here's your chance to help get Argentina featured on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I was contacted by one of the show's researchers for help in compiling a list of some of the strangest, most unique foods that Argentina has to offer. Here are some examples of the people, places and grub that the production team is looking for:

  1. Markets that have unusual foods
  2. Restaurants that serve unusual foods
  3. Chefs that specialize in something bizarre
  4. Interesting street food
  5. Traditional foods that have survived generations
  6. Foods that are common for "family meals" at home
  7. New food trends that are popular
  8. Activities that are popular or representative of the culture that have some sort of food element to them
  9. A food that is made in a very interesting way that we could show the process of
  10. Interesting people who do something with unusual food

Or any other bizarre foods that might not fit any of these categories but are interesting and can fit in the show somehow!

Also, since Argentina is such a large country, the show will need to focus on just one or two areas. Which areas do you think would have the best unusual foods?

If we round up enough funky foods for Andrew to sample, the Travel Channel will send him to Argentina to film an episode! So, let's hear it in the comments: what are some of Argentina's most unusual eats?

[Photo credit: Travel Channel]

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