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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you…well, another blog. You see, I am now writing a guest post every week for Transpanish, a translation blog focusing on the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Since this week has been insanely busy with translation projects and preparations for a visit from my dad and his wife (yippee!), I haven't quite had a chance to put the finishing touches on the posts I have waiting in the wings.

So, dear readers, I submit for your approval these two fine articles crafted exclusively for the lovely people at Transpanish: The Use of Neutral Spanish for the U.S. Hispanic Market and English Words with a Spanish Pedigree.

Of course, both posts are riveting, but I particularly recommend the second one where I explain a bit about the origins of everyday words like chocolate, hurricane and rodeo.

By the way, if you’re a word nerd like me, I recommend the book Spanish Word Histories and Mysteries: English Words That Come From Spanish. This book provides a detailed explanation of the etymology of 150 Spanish loan words found in the English language, and it manages to blend geekiness and entertainment in just the right proportions (and trust me, that's no small feat).

I promise to post something hot off the presses pronto!

[Photo credit: 7-how-7]

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