What Would You Do for an Empanada?

Empanadas del 1º de Mayo by pablodf on Flickr What lengths would you go to in order to enjoy an empanada?  Well, if you're anything like Emily Kornblut, you'd search out the freshest, best-quality ingredients, you'd lovingly assemble your empanadas, baking them until they reached the perfect shade of golden brown, and then you'd put them in the blender.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She blended those sausage and goat cheese empanadas straight into oblivion.

You see, poor Emily broke her jaw and had to have her mouth wired shut for four weeks, prompting her to start the blog aptly entitled Jaws Wired Shut to document her triumphs and failures while navigating the uncharted waters of liquefied cuisine.  It seems that one day she was jonesing for some empanadas, and so she set her oven to 425º and her blender to frappe, all the while with her bendy straw at the ready.  If you ever wondered what a blenderized empanada would look like, you're in luck.  All I'm going to say is that I pray to the Almighty that I never ever break my jaw.  That Emily is a real trooper.

If you're loco for empanadas, may I suggest the following recipes:

»Empanadas de humita (creamy corn) from the Seashells and Sunflowers Recipe File

»Empanadas mendocinas (Mendoza-style empanadas) adapted from Argentine chef Francis Mallmann's new cookbook Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way

»Empanadas de jamón y queso (ham and cheese) and empanadas de atún y morrón (tuna and roasted red pepper) by Rebecca at From Argentina With Love

»Empanadas de viento (Ecuadoran onion and cheese empanadas) from Laylita's Recipes.  [We'll forgive the fact that they're not Argentine since they look absolutely mouth-watering!]

Enjoy these recipes, but please do yourself a favor.  Skip the blender.

Photo credit: pablodf

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