Project 365: I'm Halfway There

It's been quite some time since we had a Project 365 update. I'm thrilled to report that I have made it to the six-month mark in my quest to snap a photo a day! 

I have to admit that these last few months of the project have been hard, but I haven't missed a single photo (though I came close a couple of times). A number of factors have conspired to make this point in the project more difficult: the dreary winter weather, the shorter days, and the construction zone also known as my home. Let's just say that I'm glad spring is right around the corner (and hopefully, the end of the home improvement marathon along with it). 

There are a couple of real dogs (no, not the canine sort) in this bunch, but I also managed to capture a few shots that I'm quite proud of. Honestly, some days I just pressed the shutter button to say that I had taken a photo while other days I was feeling truly inspired. I've come to terms with the fact that not every photo will be a masterpiece.

Though I haven't skipped a single day, I have become extremely lax about uploading the photos to Flickr. Originally I was uploading my shots every day or so, but recently I went almost a whole month without processing or uploading my photos. I'll definitely try to avoid doing that again in the future, as the backlog became rather daunting. I also experienced mild palpitations the other day when I thought I'd accidentally deleted a week's worth of photos (thankfully, all were present and accounted for).

Though the halfway point is a major milestone, I'm not declaring victory just yet. There are still six months left to go, and better photographers than I have sent partially-completed projects to the Project 365 graveyard. I'm feeling good though, and I swear my right index finger has never been stronger.

Here are the photos I've taken since the last update.

Project 365 Mosaic Project 365 Mosaic Project 365 Mosaic Project 365 Mosaic

Click here to view my entire Project 365 set on Flickr.

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