Happy International Translation Day!

September 30th is recognized as International Translation Day. The celebration coincides with the feast day of St. Jerome, one of the most influential translators of all time (you may have heard of his tiny project known as The Bible). In addition to translators, St. Jerome is acknowledged as the patron saint of other studious types such as librarians, archaeologists and archivists.

Translators play an important role in society. As the International Federation of Translators points out, "Translators today are cross-cultural communication specialists and essential business partners; without their expertise, it is difficult to work successfully across borders." Anyone who has tried to work off the instructions included in ready-to-assemble furniture from China can attest to the impact a bad translation can have on your day. Just imagine if the stakes are higher than a faux mahogany bookcase.

So, back to the party… Since all celebrations should include a bit of liveliness and humor, I submit for your viewing enjoyment the following video.

[If you can't view the embedded video, please click here.]

Happy International Translation Day to all!

By the way, if you're looking for a good Spanish-English translator, I know where you can find one. ;)

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