Getting to Necochea by Bus, Plane or Car

Here are some tips for traveling between Buenos Aires [Capital Federal] and Necochea, Argentina.

By Bus to/from Retiro Station in Buenos Aires

Long-distance buses in Argentina are a comfortable and economical choice for travel. Nighttime buses leave from Retiro Bus Station [Terminal de Ómnibus] in Buenos Aires and arrive at the bus station in Necochea after a journey of seven to eight hours. Buses operating on a daytime schedule take considerably longer, so it's more sensible to travel at night.

Ticket prices hover around $275-$300 pesos per person, one-way, depending on the company and the type of seat you choose [semi-cama, cama-ejecutivo, suite]. Read a nice description of the different seat classes available here.

The following companies provide bus service between Necochea and Buenos Aires [Note: phone numbers are for the local offices in Necochea and main offices in Buenos Aires, respectively]:

Cóndor-Estrella Phone: (02262) 42-2120/(011) 4313-1700
Plusmar Phone: (02262) 52-5553/0-800 -222-PLUSMAR
El Rápido Phone: (02262) 42-7293/(011) 4514-4899

In addition to the information available on each company's website, you can also check timetables and compare prices on the site Plataforma 10.

Most days it's not necessary to purchase tickets in advance; however, if you're traveling on a holiday or a weekend, particularly during the summer, it's important to buy your tickets ahead of time. You can purchase tickets in Buenos Aires at Retiro Bus Station or at Necochea's bus terminal:

Necochea Terminal de Ómnibus
Address: Avenida Jesuita Cardiel [Ruta 86] y Avenida 58, Necochea
Phone: (02262) 42-2470

By Bus to/from Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires

If you need to travel between Necochea and the international airport [Ministro Pistarini/Ezeiza] in Buenos Aires, another solid option lies with the bus company Manuel Tienda León. Unfortunately, you'll have to start or end your bus journey in Mar del Plata rather than Necochea, but the advantage of Tienda León is that you'll be taken directly to/from the airport, rather than having to negotiate a transfer at Retiro Bus Station with all your luggage. A one-way ticket between Mar del Plata and Ezeiza International Airport currently runs $330 pesos, and it can be purchased online or at Tienda León's offices in Mar del Plata, Ezeiza or at select travel agencies in Necochea.

For the Necochea-Mar del Plata leg of your journey, you can take a bus or remis [shared car service] between the two cities for about $50 pesos one-way.

By Plane

Regional airline LAER now offers twice-weekly flights between Aeroparque "Jorge Newbery" in Buenos Aires and Necochea. I would recommend an email or phone call to verify flight availability if you're considering this option.

Aeródromo de Necochea
Address: Ruta 86 Km 12.5, Quequén
Phone: (02262) 42-2473

Though less convenient, it's also possible to take a bus or remis to Mar del Plata and catch a flight from there to Buenos Aires. Aerolíneas Argentina and LADE operate flights several times a week from Mar del Plata to Aeroparque in Buenos Aires.

By Car

If you're driving to Necochea from the capital, expect to spend at least 5 ½ hours traveling between the two cities. Build in extra travel time for unforeseen circumstances such as demonstrators blocking the highway. And be careful out there—Argentines aren't the safest drivers.

By Train

There is currently no train service between Buenos Aires and Necochea. Trains do run from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata via Estación Constitución [Constitution Railway Station], but anecdotal evidence suggests that the trains attract criminal activity and often experience significant delays.

[Prices and information updated on January 28, 2013]

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