Vintage Photos of Argentina

Some time ago, I confessed my love of vintage photographs. In my quest to uncover more vintage goodness, I decided to delve into The Commons on Flickr, a collection of publicly-held images submitted by museums and other cultural organizations from around the world. Friends, I can happily report that I have struck the mother lode.

I found a fascinating series of images from Argentina that dates to the 1920s, culled entirely from the archives of Chicago's Field Museum Library. I was also excited to note that many of the photographs were taken in and around Necochea and Quequén. 

Argentina is rich with fossils—a paleontologist's dream, really—and the Field Museum sent two small teams of scientists to undertake fossil-collecting expeditions that spanned several years and numerous provinces: The Captain Marshall Field Expedition for Vertebrate Paleontology (1922-1925), and The 2nd Captain Marshall Field Paleontological Expedition (1926). It seems that the efforts of the second expedition were primarily focused on sites in Catamarca (northwestern Argentina) and the province of Buenos Aires, including towns such as Necochea, Quequén, and Monte Hermoso. 

Although the men were obviously here for scientific purposes, they also managed to capture some wonderful scenes from everyday life in Argentina at the turn of the 20th century. Here are just a few of the many photos from Necochea and Quequén:

Puerto Quequén by The Field Museum Library, on Flickr [The Commons] [Horse-drawn wagons carrying wheat to the port for shipment – Puerto Quequén – 1926]

Swimming Races by The Field Museum Library, on Flickr [The Commons] [Swimming races – 1926]

Elmer Riggs standing by a large natural arch, Necochea by The Field Museum Library, on Flickr [The Commons][Elmer Riggs, expedition leader, standing by a large natural arch – coast of Necochea – 1926]

Scene on Río Quequén Grande by The Field Museum Library, on Flickr [The Commons][Scene on Río Quequén Grande, near camp – present-day Paraje Las Cascadas – 1926] 

At the Site of the Megatherium excavation by The Field Museum Library, on Flickr [The Commons][At the site of the Megatherium excavation – bank of the Río Quequén Salado]

Explore some of the 200+ vintage images from all over Argentina that are available on The Commons at Flickr.

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