Field Trip to Buenos Aires, Part 1

Since Americans in these parts are few and far between, I have been cultivating friendships online, mostly with expats living in the capital. This past weekend I finally made good on my promise to head up to Buenos Aires to meet with some of the people I have come to know through blogging and Facebook. 

My friend Beatrice not only invited me to Buenos Aires to celebrate her birthday, but she also offered me a place to stay for the entire four-day weekend! 

The birthday party was hosted in a beautiful apartment in the barrio of San Telmo, and I had an excellent time meeting new people, chatting, and of course, enjoying all of the delicious food. I even got to meet Frank, another online acquaintance who runs his own bakery in Buenos Aires. I tasted some of his cookies, and now I know why is business is so successful!

Beatrice wrote all about the party here on her personal blog, and she posted party pics here. [By the way, she also has an informative blog about the Trees of Buenos Aires with lovely photos!]

Beatrice and her husband Kragen had also been invited to a going-away party for another Buenos Aires blogger, Layne, and I got to tag along. Layne writes an excellent food blog called Go Where the Taxista Takes You. She's moving from Buenos Aires to New York City to continue her taxi/culinary adventures there, but I'm glad I had an opportunity to meet her.

Since Beatrice and I share an interest in photography, we capped off my stay in Buenos Aires with a photo safari. Despite the clouds and a bit of rain, I did capture some nice shots.

[Please click here if you can't view the slideshow.]

Beatrice and Kragen were great hosts, and I can't thank them enough for their hospitality. I look forward to seeing them again the next time I'm in town. 

My weekend in Buenos Aires was jam-packed – stay tuned for my adventures with Deby and tales from my very first milonga!

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