The Face of the Competition

I'm not normally the jealous type. It's just that there's this girl in the neighborhood with designs on Daniel, and it seems that I may have cause for concern.

She's younger. She's cuter. She's more petite. And she plays with dolls (but I don't think that part is working in her favor). I present to you…the face of the competition.

The Competition by katiealley on Flickr

All kidding aside, I really do think our neighbor's granddaughter has a crush on Daniel. And well, why shouldn't she? He's a good catch.

She displays her affection for Daniel in the manner typical of most six-year-olds: she makes fun of him. She hasn't quite decided how to address me yet (she flip-flops back and forth between the informal "vos" and the more formal "usted"), but she talks to Daniel as if he were just another kid at school.

A Tough Cookie by katiealley

Surely you've heard the old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well, just in case, I've made sure to get on her good side – her really good side.

We talk almost every day for a few minutes. She cracks up if I say something in English because it "sounds funny," and sometimes she laughs when I speak Spanish too (probably for the same reason). Once in a while I can't understand her, but then again, I don't always get what little kids are saying to me in English either.

She's always full of questions (and daring ones at that!). Just the other day she asked me, "Have you ever kissed Daniel…on the lips, when no one is looking?" My stepdad constantly reminds me that he's keeping an eye on me from 5,500 miles away. Now I'm starting to wonder if it's true.

With Her Baby Doll by katiealley

In any event, the competition is stiff, but I think I'm safe for the time being. Because after all, I'm a pretty good catch too.

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