Drumroll, Please

I promised photos of our bedroom in this post...and here they are! The "palace" is a work in progress, but I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Bedroom 1 by katiealley on Flickr[A couple months ago, this room didn't exist! There are still some details to take care of, but we're almost there. I need to finish decorating too.]

Bedroom 2 by katiealley on Flickr[This trunk belonged to Daniel's great-grandmother. She stowed her belongings in it when she immigrated to Argentina from Italy in the 1930s. I brought the botanical print with me from back home. It is a page from a botany book dating back to the 1800s.]

Bedroom 3 by katiealley on Flickr[Here you can see our office from the bedroom. We are still waiting for the bedroom door to arrive. :) After we completely finish with the bedroom, we have plans to paint and make changes to the office.]

With His Own Two Hands by katiealley on Flickr[Daniel did all the work himself, and he did a very nice job. (Although I think he may have wanted to kill me when he was laying the floor.) It's great to have someone who's handy and is not afraid to tackle home improvement.]

Aren't I a lucky woman? :)

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