Project 365: I'm Taking the Plunge!

Time is but an illusion...When I was a kid and I would complain about the sometimes-unbearably-slow passage of time, my mom assured me that the days would pass more quickly when I grew up. In fact, she warned that by the time I became an adult the years would downright fly by. Well, now I'm a big girl and of course, Mom was right.

In my travels on my favorite photo-sharing site, Flickr, I discovered something called Project 365. Those who embark on the project seek to document their lives, one day at a time, with a photo. Sometimes the project revolves around a theme such as self-portraits, but the overarching idea is to capture a moment every day with the camera. Since my first year in Argentina promises to be filled with new faces, places, foods and experiences, I decided to take the plunge and jump on the 365 bandwagon! Time will still pass quickly, but at least I'll be able to look back on that first year and relive it through my pictures.

Many begin their projects on January 1st (certainly a logical point to start from!), but I plan to start clicking on February 28th - the day I leave for Argentina. I'll be posting all of my 365 photos to a special set on Flickr, and I'll include a link here on the front page of my blog.

Intrigued by the Project 365 idea? Read more about it here on Photojojo.

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