It's Time for a Small Rant

Over the past few months, my move to Argentina has invariably surfaced as a topic of conversation at family get-togethers, parties and the like. It doesn't take long before I'm asked, "Why are you moving there?" spoken with a level of disdain usually reserved for those moving somewhere like Bismarck, North Dakota. (My apologies to anyone from Bismarck. I'm sure it's a fine city.) While the response to the move has been generally positive and supportive, I've had to grin and bear both "advice" and criticism from some family members and acquaintances.

I don't expect everyone to agree with or understand my decision to live in Argentina. So you think I'm an idiot for leaving the U.S.? Fine - you're entitled to your opinion, but you should either a) keep it to yourself or b) have a sound argument to back it up. It really gets under my skin when people question my choices or comment negatively when in fact they know very little (or nothing) about Argentina, its culture, the people, or my motivations for moving there. I know I shouldn't let this sort of thing bother me, but I hate having to defend myself and the choices I've made.

It seems to me that if someone barely knows that Argentina is located in the southern hemisphere, thinks that Portuguese is the country's official language, or just met me five minutes beforehand (as in the case of one "advisor" at a party), then that person has little right to launch negative criticism at me. I'm certainly not an expert on Argentina, but I have traveled there four times and lived there for a four-month stretch. I've also had lengthy conversations with my Argentine boyfriend and his family about the realities of living in Argentina. I am not going into this blindly, so why am I being subjected to advice given in such a manner?

I stumbled upon this blog entry from Yanqui Mike, and I feel that his post is the perfect complement to mine. I would love to whip out a copy of his blog post the next time someone starts down that no-good path with me...but I'll refrain. Maybe.

Thank you to all of you who have been supportive and given me true, heartfelt advice. That will always be appreciated and welcomed.

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