It's a Small World After All

"All human beings are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation." - Henry Reed
Imagine my surprise when one day I received the following comment on my blog:
"What a great blog, Katie!!! I'm a necochense living in Canada since 2000, and I found your blog by pure chance (thank you Google Alerts!).... Regards from Waterloo, Ontario. Thanks for bringing me a little piece of my hometown through great text and pictures."
I never expected my blog to generate much interest among the people of Necochea, and I certainly never thought a necochense in the Great White North would be reading it! Yet the author of this flattering comment is none other than fellow blogger Gabriel Almada, whose blog Live from Waterloo chronicles his day-to-day life with his wife and children after they made the decision to emigrate from Argentina to Canada (read the complete story here). Though he spent many years in Buenos Aires and now calls Waterloo home, Gabriel still feels a strong connection to his childhood home of Necochea. And thus a friendship, albeit a virtual one, was formed based on our commonality of a small city on the coast of Argentina.

After reading many of Gabriel's blog posts, it was easy to see that my new friend in the blogosphere is a good-natured, humorous and sincere person with an interesting story to tell. His observations and anecdotes are warm and funny, and above all, genuine.

One evening last week I had the great fortune of meeting Gabriel face to face here in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He happened to be traveling to New Jersey on business, and he made the effort to come down to Philly to share a burger, fries and a friendly chat with me. The conversation flowed easily, and it was fun to get some insider information about Necochea. Finally the employees of Five Guys dimmed the neon "OPEN" sign, and Gabriel and I said our goodbyes.

The world may be a big place but don't discount the possibility that a friend may be closer than you realize.

Katie & Gabriel

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