Wind Farm Coming to Necochea

Going Green with Wind Turbines

are a bit sensitive about their beach town's reputation as a windy city, claiming that it's no windier than any other spot on Argentina's Atlantic coast. While Necochea's blustery reputation may still be up for debate between tourists and residents, the local government has decided it's time to tap into one of the area's most abundant resources - the wind - as a green method to generate electricity.

On December 5th, the mayor of Necochea, Dr. Daniel Molina, and the president of Sea Energy S.A. signed an agreement to construct a wind farm on a strip of land in Parque Miguel Lillo, about 1km (0.6 mi.) south of the fisherman's pier in Necochea. According to the company's president, the location in Necochea was selected as the project site for the quality of its winds as well as its proximity to a city center.

Sea Energy, headquartered in the city of La Plata, plans an investment of $3,500,000 for the installation of wind turbines some 40m (131 ft.) high. Work is slated to start at the beginning of January, and the first wind turbine should be in place by February. The wind farm is expected to generate 3 megawatts of power annually.

Sources: Municipalidad de Necochea and Voces de Necochea

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