Handmade Gifts from Argentina

If you've ever been to an artisan fair in Argentina, then it's no secret that the country has a multitude of talented craftspeople. A stroll through one of those fairs can yield some very interesting, one-of-a-kind treasures. There's a certain allure to shopping in your pjs though, so if you don't feel like leaving the comforts of home (or you don't happen to have a plane ticket to Argentina handy), surf on over to Etsy, "an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade."

If you're looking for a unique, handcrafted gift for someone, you can meander through Etsy's Argentine offerings or read this entry on the site's blog for specific gift recommendations from an Argentine craftswoman. There's a wide array of crafts available ranging from jewelry to woolen goods to hand-printed cards.

The necklace shown above is made by sherry truitt studios, an artist based in New Jersey. She'll customize the map on the pendant to any location. I'm fairly sure she's not Argentine, but I thought that necklace was pretty cool and worth a mention anyway.

At any rate, enjoy the hunt and feel good about the fact that you're supporting talented artisans (whether in New Jersey or Argentina!).

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