Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

First Snow by Cocoabiscuit on Flickr

Once I'm living in Necochea, I doubt I'll ever find myself pining for the stark and dreary winters of Philadelphia. I happily played the role of snowbird last year while I spent the entire northern hemisphere winter in Argentina. I rather enjoyed my endless summer, although admittedly I did miss one thing. Snow.

Tiny, white flakes are falling from the sky as I write this, blanketing the landscape and creating that special atmosphere that I hold so dear. There is nothing like peering through the window and watching the snowflakes swirl about.

Although it can be cold and rather blustery in Necochea during the winter, snowfall is an extremely rare occurrence for most cities in the province of Buenos Aires. In fact, snowfall in the capital last year made international headlines. Daniel has only seen snow a couple of times in his entire life, and with the reversal of seasons in the southern hemisphere, he doesn't equate icicles and the fluffy, white stuff with the holidays as I do.

Though it is very early in the season, I have already been treated to two instances of snow, and one well-respected meteorologist here in Philadelphia is predicting a cold and snowy winter for the region (25-35 inches of snow!). I guess Mother Nature wants to make sure my snow boots aren't relegated to the attic just yet.

Photo credit: Cocoabiscuit

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