Back to the States (and Reality!)

After a whirlwind couple of weeks in Argentina with its green pastures, mild temperatures, and flowering plants all announcing that springtime has arrived, I am back in Philadelphia to await the cold, bleak winter that is just around the corner.

I am happy to report that the visit was an unqualified success! My dad and stepdad greatly enjoyed the hospitality shown to them by Daniel and his family, and I would venture to say that meeting my Argentine family was the highlight of the trip for them. We mostly confined our adventures to the province of Buenos Aires, but we did get a bonus stamp in our passports when we crossed over the Río de la Plata to Uruguay for the day. The dads are already planning future trips to more far-flung locales such as Bariloche!

I am also pleased to write that my two cats, Cocoa and Ziggy, braved the journey unbelievably well, and they have settled into their new home and routine nicely. Daniel and his family just love the cats - they are being treated like celebrities there! They will await my return to Argentina some time in the next year, but somehow I think I will miss them more than they will miss me!

There is so much to write about with regards to my trip - stay tuned for separate blog entries detailing the highlights!

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