With my trip to Argentina just over a week away, the last thing I need is additional annoyances to crop up on me. Aside from the fact that the potential sale on my house fell through (which I dare say is far more than annoying), I was completely aggravated when I called the veterinarian's office to schedule the cats' appointment for their International Health Certificates, and I found out that the only vet at the practice who can do the exams will be on vacation.

Now, I don't expect people to arrange their vacations around my needs, but a phone call to let me know she would be away would have been nice. I'd been in contact with this same vet for about two months regarding the cats' travel exam, and I really think she dropped the ball on this and showed a lack of professionalism.

Cocoa and Ziggy are now scheduled to meet with a vet at a practice I'm not familiar with. I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and the paperwork is completed accurately and on time!

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