Taken for Granted

Circumstances being as they are, I decided it would be prudent to choose more economical entertainment options these days (trip to Argentina aside, of course!). So rather than dine out or go to the movies, I've been spending more time just relaxing with friends and family and engaging in the art of conversation. Talk is cheap, right? ;)

In addition to enjoying the company of my loved ones, I've been packing up my camera and venturing out on photo safaris around Philadelphia and its suburbs. I've always had an interest in photography, but I recently decided to make a more concerted effort to get out there and really practice and improve my skills. While doing so, I am taking advantage of the countless, beautiful natural and historic treasures that sit practically in my backyard.

Before I made the decision to move to Argentina, I put off visiting some of these places - there was always a tomorrow. As a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, if I didn't get to Tyler Arboretum or the Keith House this year, it wasn't a big deal because I thought I'd always have the opportunity to go at another time. With a finite number of days left for me in this corner of the world, I feel a slight pang of guilt that, at times, I have taken my hometown for granted. But I promise you all one thing: I'm turning over a new leaf.

Visit my Flickr photostream for my latest (and greatest, I hope!) photos.

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