When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Travel Agent

Buenos Aires from the Natural Reserve by lrargerich on Flickr

Well, not really (no offense to the lovely folks in the travel industry), but I do feel like one at the moment. I've been busy coordinating all of the details for my next trip to Argentina including flight schedules for the two dads, hotel and apartment options, as well as trying to plan just the right itinerary to entertain two men who have fairly different ideas of what makes for an enjoyable trip. This is no small undertaking, I assure you!

The first few days will be spent in Necochea with Daniel's family. This portion of the trip will be relatively low key (apart from the insane, all-out party that promises to be my 30th birthday – please note sarcasm). I'd like to pop over to Mar del Plata for the day so the dads can get a taste of the city during the off-season, and then it's on to Buenos Aires for about four days.

Here is where things get interesting. My dad is really not a big city guy (this is the man that visited me two times in three years when I lived in Philadelphia – did I mention he lived 50 minutes away?), preferring the beauty and quietude of nature, while my step-dad enjoys a bit of hustle and bustle and the cultural offerings that a more cosmopolitan location can provide (read: "The campo is pretty but where can I get a Starbucks?"). How to strike a balance?

So far, I have decided to take the dads on a classic tour of Buenos Aires which will include sites such as the Plaza de Mayo, the iconic Obelisk and the neighborhood of San Telmo. I'm considering booking a personalized walking tour with an English-speaking guide since the dads don't speak Spanish (this would give me a break from interpreting for a few hours). Does anyone have any personal recommendations?

I figure that two days of tooling around Buenos Aires will pretty much wear my dad out, so I have investigated two activities for the remaining time that I think will appeal to both dads and get them out of the city for a bit. I found out about the family-run Estancia Los Dos Hermanos that doesn't sound uber-touristy and will allow the dads to sample some gaucho flavor. I also read about the small town of Tigre only 45 minutes outside of the city where we can relax, take a boat ride and shop at the outdoor market.

With three months to go, there's still plenty of time to mull over the options. If you have a suggestion you'd like to share, I'm all ears. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to wear my travel agent hat a bit longer.

[Photo credit: lrargerich]

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