The Countdown

Today the countdown on my iGoogle home page dutifully reminded me that in 90 days I will be returning to Argentina for my next adventure. I am very excited about this upcoming trip because this time I will not be traveling alone! I will be accompanied by a rather motley crew: my father, my step-father and my two cats! I will also have the good fortune of celebrating my 30th birthday while I am there, and what better way to do it than with an asado!?

I was pleased yet surprised when my step-dad first mentioned to me that he would like to travel to Argentina. Then, I was even more surprised when my dad said he wanted to go too! I'm ecstatic that they will be traveling with me, but let's face it: this is the fatherly inspection tour. They are going to to turn a critical eye on my boyfriend, his family and his home, and frankly, it does make me a little nervous! I'm sure all will pass with flying colors, and we will do our best to ensure that the 'rents enjoy their stay and leave with a positive impression.

As far as the cats, they are the first to make the move across the equator to their new South American home. Daniel will keep watch over them until I can move too, as my present living situation no longer accommodates my four-legged companions. I will provide more detailed information about the steps involved in taking pets to Argentina in a future post.

The plane tickets have been bought and the planning is underway, but for now, I'm resigned to wait out the countdown.

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